5 STAR  Amazon Reviews - Through the Mist

Romance plus suspense plus real, believable charcters--including the horses!

There's something for everyone here. Like romances? Katherine, who grows up in a wealthy but dysfunctional family, is torn between two loves. Which one will she choose? Want action and suspense? There's a whole family of nasty villains to keep things lively. Love horses? So does the author, and she gives many of the horses in the story distinct personalities. There are plenty of interesting and well-developed human characters as well, including Betsy, the long-time companion of Katherine's grandfather, and brave little Lisa, who will take any risk to protect the horses. And it's all set in the beautiful big sky country of Montana, with the setting as well-described as the people. - Janice Clark

Wonderful story about forgiveness

This is a wonderful story about forgiveness. Susan cleverly wove two time periods together so well that the story keeps your interest piqued. She keeps dangling enough questions that you just have to find out what happens. A truly heartwarming story and if you love horses, this book is for you! I highly recommend "Through the Mist" and am really looking forward to the sequel. - Betsy B.

Very engaging and intelligently written book 

Couldn't put this one down. Very engaging and intelligently written book about horses and the people who love them. Ms. Abel's ability to use words that weave relationships together is to be envied. Her insights into the emotional world are intriguing. She examines how we set ourselves adrift on a sea of indecision, agonize over our choices yet sometimes still are able to find success is heartwarming and inspirational. - Donna Harrison

Tapping into all of your senses with her beautifully descriptive writing

Susan has a true gift of tapping into all of your senses with her beautifully descriptive writing. It's easy to put yourself into this story, imagining all of the sights, sounds, and feelings of this book. If you're a horse enthusiast, you'll undoubtedly relate to the bond between horse and rider described in this story and love the heartwarming connections and references to those lovely animals through out. The average reader will also be captivated by this timeless tale, reading on the edge of your seat and wanting more when all is said in done. I can't wait for the sequel, Into the Fire, due out in 2018. - Robinson

Susan has a gift for weaving a complicated love story though many lives and over many years 

Susan Abel is a talented writer. The book was hard to put down as I got into the story. Susan has a gift for weaving a complicated love story though many lives and over many years and includes Indian history and crisp pictures of Montana. Her descriptions were creative and brought you into the action and her love of horses was palpable. Don't give up reading this work in the first or second chapters. It gets really good about chapter 3. - georgiagirl

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The writing hooked me from the beginning and never let me go

I started this book a few days ago and absolutely devoured it. Wow! The writing hooked me from the beginning and never let me go. One of the questions at the end asks the reader to summarize the book's message in one word. For me: hope. Woven into the story are many life lessons. For me, I most connected with the fact that in life, when we experience pain, there is also an opportunity for growth and learning. We have to believe that some beauty can come out of darkness. Thank you, Susaern Abel, for sharing this story with the world! I did not want it to end. Just, wow.  -  Verified Amazon Custom